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Monitor & test all your clients’ WooCommerce stores with ease and generate more revenue with impressive service packages.

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Robust platform

Our battle-tested platform will make sure we detect any issues your clients’ stores might have. Making you your client’s superhero and keeping their stores open for business.

Easy management

The Shopwarden dashboard will give you a birds-eye view of all the stores of your clients. Manage all sites within a few clicks.

Sleep well at night

Don't stress about the operational status of your stores. When something happens, you know first before your client notices anything!

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Reliable monitoring & testing

With an extensive set of checks we make sure we monitor and test all aspects of the stores. We implement uptime checks, browsertests, order numbers, plugin & wordpress status and more.

Free up your engineers

The Shopwarden dashboard allows you to quickly oversee all your client sites. Monitor, update and test them in a few clicks. Engineers will save maintenance time and automated tests will increase their development velocity.

Increased revenue per client

Shopwarden enables you to offer premium service level agreements which entail extensive monitoring and testing. All without increasing engineering workload. Making your clients and your bottom line happy.

Premium support & onboarding

We love to build long-term partnerships with agencies. Agency packages include premium support, free concierge onboarding of your client websites and custom user flow testing.

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