WooCommerce monitoring

Are you sure you store is fully up and running? Shopwarden will monitor every element of your WooCommerce shop to make sure.

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Broken and slow stores lose money every day

Every day businesses lose money because of broken WooCommerce sites or slowly loading pages.

WooCommerce breaks more
often than you think

Although WooCommerse is a great solution for your ecomerce store, it's not always fully reliable because of several factors.

  • Bugs slip in throughout development
  • Plugin updates break templates or the checkout
  • Servers go down or external libraries fail

Consequences of broken or
slow stores are grave

Besides the stress your team experiences, consequences can be more extensive than most business owners think.

  • Website's that are down or broken lose out on orders
  • Google penalizes stores that are slow or not working
  • Your reputation gets damaged among (potential) customers

Shopwarden is your ultimate
WooCommerce monitoring solution

We'll know immediately if something is just not right with your WooCommerce store.

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Automated Testing & Monitoring

With various techniques we validate if your store is fully operational. These tests are set up automatically but can be extended where necessary.


We monitor the basic infrastructure of your store with from several locations in the world. Any server issues are detected within a minute.

User Flows

To detect any issues with the store pages itself, we use real browsers to continously check the most important user flows like the checkout on any interval you prefer. Our plugin makes sure your order list stays clean of test orders.


Wordpress plugin management can be a hassle. We will closely monitor all installed plugins and let you know if they're insecure or outdated.

Get notified when something's wrong

We catch issues before your customers notice! You'll immediately get a report of the issue at hand via your favorite notification methods.

Alerts Everywhere

Of course you will get your alerts by email. But we can also connect all your favorite tools to receive alerts on Slack, SMS, and dozens others.

Involve the team

You can add all your colleagues to Shopwarden so everyone can manage their own sites or share the responsibilities.

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