“Up” doesn’t mean it’s working

Even if your site is online, the most vital flows of WooCommerce might be broken. Shopwarden uses real browsers to continuously check if your checkout and other flows are operational.

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Templates to start within seconds

Our WooCommerce browsercheck templates allow you to set up tests for you checkout,
shopping cart and other flows within seconds. Without any technical knowledge.

Real browsers

Shopwarden uses real Chrome browsers to execute your tests. Compared to other solutions, this will find all issues your users might encounter.

Easy custom flows

Do you have a custom made WooCommerce flow? No problem! You can easily create a custom test with our drag and drop editor.

Full test reports

It’s easy to analyze your test executions with full reports including screenshots at every step of the test. Besides validating every step, we can also alert when the final screenshot differs too much.

Powered by our Shopwarden plugin

Our Wordpress plugin supports full integration with the Shopwarden dashboard. It will also prevent any test orders from showing up in your order list.

Support to get up and running

Although our templates are great to get started, custom elements on your site might break them. If necessary, we will help you adjust your tests to get them operational.

Validate every site change

Tests are automatically executed after plugin updates or other changes to your site. Notifying you if any issue appears.

Want to make sure your flows work?

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We monitor more than uptime...

With Shopwarden you know fore sure that every aspect of your store if fully monitored.

Uptime monitoring

Make sure your website and server are up from every location in the world.

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Use real browsers to automatically check the most important flows of your store.

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Plugin health

Outdated or insecure plugins? Shopwarden keeps an eye on all plugin health.