Uptime monitoring

Downtime happens,
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Shopwarden checks the status of your WooCommerce store from multiple locations around the world, making sure that your store is up for everyone.

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Monitoring from a global and reliable network

Our redundant network of servers around the world will get to work to monitor your store.
We will signal any global or localized issue by checking from different locations.

No False alarms

We don’t want to bother you when it’s not necessary. When we think something is wrong, we double-check it from three different locations.

Analyze responses

Easily browse through the responses we got from your server from all locations, allowing you to debug any inconsistencies.

Low intervals

Shopwarden will check your store up to every minute, catching even the smallest issues.

Response time

Keep an eye on the response time of your server. Summarized historically so you detect changes over time.

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We monitor more than uptime...

With Shopwarden you know fore sure that every aspect of your store if fully monitored.


Use real browsers to automatically check the most important flows of your store.

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Plugin health

Outdated or insecure plugins? Shopwarden keeps an eye on all plugin health.

Uptime monitoring

Make sure your website and server are up from every location in the world.

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